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EnjoyOntario.ca website traffic for the month of July 2016 (Google Analytics) was:

  • 8198 Sessions (264 Sessions / Day)
  • 7227 Users (233 Users / Day)
  • 33215 Pageviews (1071 Pageviews / Day)
  • 4.05 Pages / Session
  • 01:13 Avg. Session Duration
  • 94.91% of Sessions from Canada
  • 90.66% of Canadian Sessions from Ontario
  • 8.05% of Canadian Sessions from Quebec

Advertising Options

Five advertising options are available:

Site Ads (All Pages): (scroll down for details)

Rate: $200 / month (non-exclusive)
Rate: $600 / month (exclusive)
Ad spot limited to 1 to 3 advertisers.
  Marketing Package: (click for details)

Content Ads (Profile Page): (scroll down for details)

Rate: $10 / month (non-exclusive)
Rate: $20 / month (exclusive)

Content Ads (Listing Page): (scroll down for details)

Rate: $10 / month (non-priority)
Rate: $20 / month (priority)

Text Ads: (scroll down for details)

Rate: CPC

Site Ads

Site ads appear on every page throughout the entire website, near the top of the page, just below the "EnjoyOntario.ca" masthead. Limited availability per month; the ad spot is rotated among 1 to 3 advertisers. A site ad may be a banner graphic or Flash or JavaScript, can be hosted remotely or locally, and can be any size up to a maximum of 830w x 90h. Typically, ads are 640w x 90h. The background colour of the ad spot's field (830 pixels wide) can be white or any suitable colour that matches the ad and the site's design.

All submissions subject to review and ad spot availability. Must be suitably related to tourism.

Non-exclusive rate is $200 / month, exclusive rate is $600 / month (subject to availability), HST extra, 1-month term, paid in advance, non-refundable, start on 1st of the month (or pro-rated for other start dates).

Marketing Package

If you want to promote your destionation in greater detail, you can use the Marketing Package option. Three marketing packages are available: Lite, Standard, and Professional. Lite package is FREE. For full details, see: Marketing Package.

Content Ads

Content ads appear as editorial content on either the selected destination's profile page or on attractions listing pages (e.g.: list of golf courses). Includes the name of the attraction, link to existing website, address, telephone number, promotional text up to 75 words, and (optional) one photo or graphic (max dimensions 150w x 112h).

Non-exclusive rate is $10 / month, exclusive rate is $20 / month, HST extra, 3-month term, paid in advance, non-refundable, start on 1st of the month.

On destination profile pages: Limited availability (only two content ad spaces per destination profile page). If you want to ensure exclusivity, purchase both content ad spaces. If two ads are displayed, the older ad is displayed first, followed by the other ad. For an example of a content ad on a destination profile page, see the content ad for Old Firehall Confectionery on the Main Street Unionville profile page.

On attractions listing pages: Priority listings sorted alphabetically, followed by non-priority listings sorted alphabetically. For a priority listing, double the rate. For an example of a content ad on an attractions listing page, see the Markham Golf Courses page.

All submissions subject to review and ad spot availability. Must be suitably related to the destination / listing category.

To get started, contact us.

Text Ads

Text advertising is done via Google AdWords Managed Placements.
You have control over where your text ad appears:

  • Your text ad on all pages of EnjoyOntario.ca, or

  • Your text ad on a particular destination's pages. Example: Your ad only appears on all the "Main Street Unionville" pages (profile page, gallery page, photo pages). or,

  • Your text ad on a select set of destinations. Example: All destinations in Toronto.

Features of Google AdWords:

  • Pay only for ads clicked.
  • You control the monthly ad budget.
  • You specify the cost per click.
  • Start or stop ad campgain any time.
  • Easy for you to setup.
  • You write your own ad copy.
  • Detailed reports of impressions vs. clicks.

Follow these steps to set up a Google AdWords Management Placement text ad:

  1. Login to your Google AdWords account. (If you don't have one, you can set up one there).

  2. Click Networks sub-tab.

  3. Beside Managed placements, click show details.

  4. Click "+ Add placements" button.

  5. Click a campaign in the left box and click an ad group in the right box.

  6. In the box below "Enter as many placements as you like, one per line.", enter the website address where you want your ad to appear. Enter enjoyontario.ca to have your ad on all possible pages of the website. If you want to put your ad on only a particular profile (e.g.: Centreville Amusement Park profile) then enter that profile's website address (e.g.: enjoyontario.ca/centreville). Leave out the leading "www." part since it is not required. Keep in mind that AdWords will show your ad in the selected placement only if you have a winning ad bid. As usual, Google will debit your AdWords account only if a user clicks on your ad.

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