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Edwards Gardens

Location: North York, Ontario, Canada

Edwards Gardens is a former estate garden featuring perennials and roses on the uplands and wildflowers, rhododendrons and an extensive rockery in the valley. On the upper level of the valley there is also a lovely arboretum beside the children's Teaching Garden. Adjacent to Edwards Gardens is the Toronto Botanical Garden, a series of 12 contemporary themed gardens spanning nearly four acres. more ...

Arrival Courtyard, North York, Ontario, Canada, Edwards Gardens

This photo is of the Arrival Courtyard that forms the entry point to The George and Kathy Dembroski Centre for Horticulture. To conserve water, storm water runoff is collected and filtered through a strip in the pavement, recycled into the soil and down to the water table through an extensive subdrain system. Photo looking west.

GPS: 43 deg 44' 2.15" N, 79 deg 21' 29.29" W (43.7339306, -79.3581361)

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