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Pumpkin Carving

Caring a pumpkin to create a Jack-O'-Lantern is easy to do if you follow a few easy steps and have a template pattern.

For instructions on how to carve a pumpkin to create a Jack-O'-Lantern, watch this easy to follow instructional video:

For increased safety, light the inside of your Jack-O'-Lantern using small battery-operated candles instead of real candles with an open flame. The flickering effect of the electronic "flame" is realistic and will remain lite even on the windiest Halloween night.

Pumpkin Templates

Creepy Pumpkin

Spooky Ghost

Classic Jack-o'-Lantern

Terrible Tombstone

Nightmarish Smile

Scary Skull




Mad Monster

(very difficult)

Twinkling Pumpkin

For a unique pumpkin, you can create a "twinkling pumpkin" by using a string of white Christmas lights. Drill a series of holes in the pumpkin, then put the string of lights inside the pumpkin and push a light out through each drilled hole. To see how to create your own "twinkling pumpkin", watch this easy to follow instructional video:

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