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Presqu'ile Provincial Park

Location: Southeast of Colborne in the town of Brighton, Ontario.

Presqu'ile Provincial Park is located southeast of Colborne in the town of Brighton, Ontario. This park offers hiking, wildlife viewing, swimming, biking, winter activities, camping and much, much more. more ...

Owen Point Trail, Presqu'ile Provincial Park

This photo is of the information kiosk for the Owen Point Trail. "Owne Point Trail. This trail offers excellent opportunities to see migrating shorebirds along the natural beach and distant views of the waterbird colonies on their island nesting grounds. / Flocks of a dozen or more species of sandpipers and plovers, including as many as 10,000 individuals, have been recorded. Twenty-five species of shorebirds are annual visitors and a total of 41 species have been seen here over the years. These long distance migrants stop here to rest and feed. By keeping to the trail you will help to ensure that they have a successful journey. / Gull and High Bluff Islands are home to tens of thousands of breeding pairs of colonial waterbirds. In order to help protect nesting birds there is no access allowed to the islands from March 10 to September 10. Thank you for helping to preserve our valuable wildlife resources. / The trail guide has additional information about the ecology of this area. / Numbered posts along the trail correspond with the information in the guide. / If you don't wish to keep it please return it for others to use." Photo looking south. Lookout #1 is behind the camera to the right.

GPS: 43 deg 59' 40.80" N, 77 deg 43' 55.61" W (43.9946667, -77.7321139)

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