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Presqu'ile Provincial Park

Location: Southeast of Colborne in the town of Brighton, Ontario.

Presqu'ile Provincial Park is located southeast of Colborne in the town of Brighton, Ontario. This park offers hiking, wildlife viewing, swimming, biking, winter activities, camping and much, much more. more ...

Remembering Speedy, Presqu'ile Provincial Park

This photo is of an information kiosk near the Lighthouse Interpretive Centre. The text reads, "Remembering Speedy / H.M.S. Speedy was a two masted schooner approximately 80 feet long (24 metres). The ship was constructed in 1796 as a gun boat and was later modified in order to carry cargo. The Speedy was built of green timber and it was widely known around Lake Ontario that the ship was in poor repair. / As the Speedy began her final voyage, she ran aground while leaving York (Toronto) harbour. The captain, Thomas Paxton was reluctant to complete the journey due to the ship's condition, but was ordered to do so by Lieutenant Governor Hunter. / The Speedy was reportedly stopped at Oshawa en route from York in order to collect witnesses for a trial. It was claimed that the Speedy was seen, briefly, off High Bluff island on October 8, 1804 before it disappeared. The wreck of the Speedy has yet to be recovered." The three images on the kiosk are: "H.M.S. Speedy fighting the storm on October 8, 1804" (Colour painting "Last Fight of the Speedy" by P. Rindlisbacher; friendsofpresquile.on.ca/speedy/ ), "H.M.S. Speedy was a two masted schooner approximately 80 feet (24 metres) long." (C.H.J. Snider), "The route of H.M.S. Speedy from Toronto to the proposed district town of Newcastle for the trial." (3 connected map points: York (Toronto), Oshawa, Newcastle (Presqu'ile); additional map point: Kingston).

GPS: 43 deg 59' 51.77" N, 77 deg 40' 36.00" W (43.9977139, -77.6766667)

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