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Toogood Pond Park

Location: City of Markham, Unionville, Ontario, Canada (near the shops and restaurants of historic Main Street Unionville)

Toogood Pond is a 33-hectare park that has many points of interest including a partially naturalized pond and a marsh. The pond is home to many Canada Geese, ducks, fish, and other wildlife. Surrounding the pond are many beautiful walkways, park benches and picnic tables. There is a man-made dam at the south-east end that includes a waterfall. Nearby are the shops of historic Main St. Unionville. more ...

Wildlife, Toogood Pond, Toogood Pond Park

There are many Canada Geese at Toogood Pond. With its marsh and reed areas, Toogood Pond forms an excellent habitat for Canada Geese to raise their families. In the background you can see the main lookout point.

GPS: 43 deg 52' 17.73" N, 79 deg 18' 54.59" W (43.8715917, -79.3151639)

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