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Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Massimo Dutti


The women’s collections speak to the urban, sophisticated and effortless woman. She is practical, elegant and contemporary, believes in her style and knows what she wants. The Collection is comprised of several lines, not only with respect to fabrics, but also for accessories and fragrances. All of them together designed in house to create a common harmonious selection of trends, styles, colours and textures each season.


The men’s collections speak to the urban, contemporary man. Since the beginning, Massimo Dutti men radiate a unique personality. Starting out as a shirt maker and moving on to create men’s clothing lines from formally tailored to casual. This brand shares a single concept running through the collections based on quality of materials, and the combination of textures and styles.


The stores exude a sense of exclusivity and they are specially designed thinking of the customer experience. The new store image is based on a progressive evolution of the boutique concept that identifies the chain’s stores. The change is based primarily on finishes and shapes that aim for warmer, more contemporary spaces and environments. Walnut wood, brass, leather and dark marble are the dominant materials in the new architectural design that blends modern lines and classic details, the signature of the firm.

The stores are designed to ease movement and feature strategically placed lighting and furniture, all developed and designed in-house by the interior design team. The store layout together with the careful display of merchandise,allow the customer to experience an inviting and effortless product selection.

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