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  • What is EnjoyOntario.ca?

    EnjoyOntario.ca is a collection of photo albums and profiles showcasing the tourism attractions of the Province of Ontario, Canada as well as tourism related businesses. See About.

  • Can I use these photos?

    No, not without permission from us. See Copyright.

  • Can I link to your site?

    Yes, you may link from your site to any of the HTML pages on EnjoyOntario.ca. You cannot link to any image file (e.g.: 100_1234.jpg); you must link to the image's related HTML file (e.g.: 100_1234.html).

  • Can I buy these photos as posters?

    No, our photos are not for sale yet.
    AllPosters.com has posters of Toronto and posters of Ottawa.
    For other provinces, see posters of Canada.

  • Can I suggest a destination to be profiled?

    Yes, contact us and we will consider your suggestion.
    The destination must be in Ontario within a 3-hour driving distance of Toronto.

  • Can I get my destionation profiled?

    Yes, see our Marketing Package page.

  • Can I advertise on your site?

    Yes, see our Advertise page.

  • Do you have a Privacy Policy?

    Yes, see our Privacy Policy page.

  • Is this site operated by the Ontario government?

    No, this site is run by a private company, and without any funds from the Government of Ontario, Canada. See About.

  • What camera equipment and software do you use?

    • Camera: Kodak EasyShare C180 (10 megapixels). Rather than use a digital SLR camera, we feel it is important to use a typical Point-and-Shoot digital camera that the average person uses to take their photos.

    • GeoTagging: BT-Q1300 Travel Recorder Nano (available at amazon.com). This GPS geotagger is incredibly small and we have it tied to our camera strap. We just turn it on at the start of a trip and leave it continuously recording a GPS track point every 1 second. Later at the office, we use software included with the device to download the GPS data to a .NMEA GPS data file. We then use GeoSetter to sync and write GPS latitude/longitude to each photo based on the photo's timestamp. Tip: Before any photo session, set the date/time of your camera based on your GPS geotagger's date/time.

    • EXIF Tag Editor: GeoSetter. We use this free program to quickly add EXIF data to each photo such as title, caption, location, copyright, etc. The program has a batch mode so you can do global changes (such as setting the copyright on all photos to one common value). We tried several programs and GeoSetter is the best and it is free. We highly recommend it.

    • Photo Editor: Corel Paint Shop Pro X. We use its batch processing feature to quickly resize all photos to several smaller sizes used on the website. Unlike some other graphics editors, this one keeps EXIF data intact.

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